Mother Reorganizing her Young Daughter’s Refrigerator Prior Leaving Makes Twitterati ‘Emotional’

It is an undoubted fact that mothers always look at their children just like a kid even if they reach their adulthood. Irrespective of their age, they show unconditional love on their kids. Besides that, some of the mothers try making their kids understand how to keep their room tidy, clothes and other stuff organized in their room.

However, they help us in the best way of keeping our room clean and tidy. Shruti Naik, an Indian woman residing in abroad has been spending the best time with her mother who came to visit her. Before returning back to India, her mother left her with a special gift that made Shruti quite emotional and lovable.

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Her mother gave her a detailed note to her daughter wherein we can witness complete details about the things packed in the fridge. She wrote about the things that were packed in the fridge in detail alongside the directions. Shruti Naik posted a tweet on her Twitter handle alongside a picture of the note and wrote, 'Mom returned to India today and she left this on my fridge.'

Her mother left some cooked vegetables to her daughter inside the fridge along with a hand-written note. The note comprises the details of milk, daal and other stuff located in the fridge. The note explains where all the things are exactly stored in the refrigerator.

Soon after adding the tweet alongside the picture, it went viral and acquired more than 2000 likes. People have started commenting on the picture and the love that the mother shows on their kids. Most of them commented with emotional tweets to the post.

Check out the reactions of Twitterati towards the post of Shruti Naik about her mother's emotional note.

This one fridge note has decimated all the senti Mothers Day ads I've seen since I woke up. Moms, quite literally, rule.

USE HOT water": "When I go home on vacations, my mom sneaks into my room early morning, switches on the geyser and leaves notes like this.

Even before reading the note, I was kinda 1000% sure that there would be thepla somewhere in the fridge for sure.

That's Gold. It's her way of 'Beta Khaana Khaya' every day. God bless all Mothers.

by Neetu Panwar | Thu, May 23 - 12:08 PM

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