Most Inspiring Brazilian Couple Transforms a Barren Land into a Forest Offering Inhabitation for about 500 Endangered Species

Most of the forests and jungles have been vanishing due to deforestation across different parts of the world. Due to soil erosion, flooding issues and other problems, our environment is currently at great risk. With an intention to enhance reforestation, a couple from Brazil have struggled a lot. We can't even expect and put their struggle in words. However, it is not a tough thing to bring back our environment like before.

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It all happens only when a change comes in the mindset of a human being. Here is a couple who have set an inspiration for most of the common people out there. Usually, the Government says every individual to raise at least a single plant in their residence. But, this couple has transformed a barren land into green forest land.

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Here is a photographer namely Sebastiao Salgado from Brazil who reached his homeland in the state of Minas Gerais. He visited his native place in order to check whether the green heaven is still in the same way or not. But, he could just find an empty dry land in the place of a paradise. He truly became sad and unhappy looking at the land and then decided to bring back the same old pleasant place like when he had seen it in his childhood.

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In the year 1994, Sebastiao went to Mozambique after finishing her Graduation in Economics and worked as an advisor to the World Bank. After reaching his hometown in Rwandan Genocides post 6 years, he got shocked looking at the location. He took the support of his wife Lelia Deluiz Wanick Salgado for making his hometown into a green forest like before.

His wife suggested him to replant the whole forest which is about 1502 acres.  Soon, he agreed to her suggestion and the couple hired more than 24 employees for turning the land into a wonderful forest with complete green trees. In the year 2000, it's completely an empty barren land and within a time period of 3 years, he and his wife turned it into a greenery forest.

by Neetu Panwar | Fri, Apr 26 - 10:29 AM

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