Soon To Be Mommy, Sania Mirza Talks About Her Pregnancy Phase And Her Baby

Since the day, ace Tennis Player Sania Mirza's pregnancy news came out, nobody can't keep calm if it'll be a boy or a girl. Sania is married to Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik in the year 2010. After 8 years of happy married life, both are ready to embrace parenthood. Their baby is due in November 2018.

In a recent interview with a leading daily, Tennis player Sania opened up about her pregnancy phase, her soon-to-arrive baby, and her expectations. For all mothers she said, "I think as an expectant mother the most important message that I want to give not just to my child but to every child is that you have to follow your dreams whatever they are even if they are out of the box or out of the ordinary, you have to believe in yourself."

Addressing about baby's gender Sania happily stated, "And obviously if it is only my child, I would hope, pray and wish for it to be a healthy child. It doesn't matter if it is a boy or a girl, which seems to be very important for a lot of people. Besides that, to believe in yourself and always know that you have the freedom to be whoever you are. At this point, with regard to my baby, all I truly hope, pray and wish is, for it to be healthy, regardless of the gender."

She also opened up about her own childhood and said, "I have a lot of fond memories that I had shared with my parents and the upbringing they've given me because of which I am who I am today and as strong as I am. We used to travel extensively from one state to the other to go and play tennis matches. My parents took extreme pride in every level of tennis that I played. No matter at what level it was, whether it was school, state, national or international -- their support, encouragement and enthusiasm continue to remain the same."

Sania will raise her kids like she grew up in her parent's upbringing. She added, "The advice I have always received from them is not fearful of the choices you truly believe in. This is the advice I have grown up on and wish to pass on the same to my child as well."

As Sania is very close to her sister Anam, she is staying with her only during her pregnancy. Not only this, her sister keeps the mom-to-be happy with sweet gestures and recently throw a shower-cum-pyjama party for Sania.

Since Sania is with her baby, she likes to keep everyone updated with handy tips to upcoming mothers. Also, she is very much active on social media. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Sania shared, "While every woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy, it’s unfair to think that you are handicapped for nine months. I’d recommend using this time to prepare your body for the changes that are going to happen in the following months. Begin by staying active and live a normal life; that’s what I did."

Further adding she said, "Now, I’m just giving my body the rest it needs and waking up whenever I feel like — usually between 9 am and 10 am — so that I feel refreshed. Since sleep at night is hard to come by, especially in the third trimester, there is no point in stressing yourself out in the morning."

Well, we can't wait to Sania and Shoaib's munchkin soon!

by Soniya Kaur | Wed, Oct 10 - 02:59 PM

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