Mihika Verma Reveals How Difficult It Was To Get Admission In Schools Due To Her Preg***cy

Ye Hai Mohabbatein actress, Mihika Verma recently detailed the struggles she faced when she was pregnant with her first child. The actress got married to a US-based businessman, Anand Kapai on April 27, 2016. The actress left her entertainment career after the marriage and settled down in the US. Mihika Verma and Anand Kapai welcomed their first child, Izhaan in 2018. The actress shared the picture of her baby boy in September and wrote, “What!!!! You’re 6 months already.”

Later on April 14, 2019, Mihika shared a throwback picture of the day when she and her husband got to know about the pregnancy. She captioned the picture and wrote, “This is me when we first got to know that I was pregnant. I knew this Baby who was growing rapidly inside me would be nothing less than my HERO and my inspiration! I vividly remember coming back from the doctor and telling Anand that the morning sickness was making it very difficult for me to study. I was throwing up 10 times a day until my 5th month and studying for gruelling entrance exams at the same time.”

The actress also detailed her struggles of not getting admission in schools and how tough it was for her to pursue studies with baby in her womb. The post continued, “But the decision to get back to academia was not an easy one. For the first 6 months after marriage, I was absolutely clueless. I remember crying one day so much that Anand rushed back home from work just to be with me.

He calmly reminded me of all my accomplishments and said that not knowing what to do next was absolutely ok. In fact, it was better than knowing what to do because now I did not have to restrict myself at all. I could choose and take an informed decision after carefully examining all the options. Post that I started going to different schools and exploring the courses available to see what could be interesting to me.”

She even shared that she was clueless and did know what to do. But, whatever the circumstances were the actress went on to finish her studies and came out on top. After getting the admission, Mihika’s brother, Mishkat Verma shared the picture of her sister and wrote, “To new beginnings..good luck @mihikavarma1 ..make me proud like u always have even though going to Business School at this AGE is going to be really difficult..but ya you are you and your going to nail it ..enjoy yourself ..love you @mihikavarma1.”

The decision by Mihika to pursue school was indeed commendable.

by Lokendra Sharma | Wed, May 15 - 12:22 PM

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