Mexican women make use of sunlight to cook meals

Reyna Diaz, a woman from Mexico, has stunned us all with her amazing way of cooking meals. She cooks beans, chicken and pork with her solar cooker and she has installed the solar cooker in an open courtyard at her home. Her home is located in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of a south western Mexican town.

She says that her family also loves this way of cooking food and they use it almost every day. She also stated that it has been a great help for her.


While speaking to the media, she was seen mixing the ingredients for cochinita pibil, which is a traditional pork dish that is marinated with spices and achoite, which is a natural colouring. She placed the pot on the aluminium sheets of the solar cooker and this sheet reflects the rays of the sunlight and heats up the food items.

She received the Solar Cooker in March and before that, Diaz never believed in her dreams that she can cook this way.

Reyna Diaz sells atole, which is a traditional hot Mexican drink that is made from corn or wheat dough. She raises her son and daughter from the income that she generates from selling atole. She was never aware about how the food can be cooked with the solar cooker, but now she feels that it is really wonderful.


She stays in the poor neighbourhood of Vicente Guerrero, in Villa de Zaachila, which is a municipality that has a population of around 43000 people. This place comes in the state of Oaxaca, which is around 475 away from the Mexico City.

Earlier, Diaz used to cook her food using firewood and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and these days, she uses it in a lesser amount. She says that she has been able to save a lot from the solar cooker and really looks forward cooking her food with it.

by Ricky Tandon | Wed, Aug 21 - 12:52 PM

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