Mesmerizing Views Of Raavan Dahan Happening Across The Country On Vijaydashami

Today marks the last day of the auspicious festival Navratri which is known as Dusshera and Vijaydashami. The festival is celebrated with a great fanfare across the country. Bengalis worship Maa Durga and celebrate the festival of Durga Puja.

Well, one of the most amazing highlights of this day is the 'Raavan Dahan' which is done at the end of the day in the presence of thousands of crowds. The Raavan Dahan takes place at various huge grounds across the nation where huge effigies of the Raavan are burnt which marks the victory of good over bad. The tales may vary depending on the culture, but the underlying theme of this festival is to commemorate the victory of the good.

In Jammu Kashmir's one of the grounds, not just Raavan's but, Meghnath and Kumbkaran's effigies too were burnt.

Take a look at the pictures here:

Another amazing view of Raavan Dahan happening in Gujarat.

Here are some of the snaps of the pre-preparation of Raavan Dahan.

Various cultural activities will be held before the burning of the effigies, Ram Leela is one of them. India is following this tradition since ages and the one can feel the true essence of the same while attending these events.

While the bank holiday is on September 18, Vijaydashmi actually falls on October 19. Diwali- the festival of lights, is celebrated 20 days after the festival of Vijaydashmi.

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