Mesmerizing And Beautiful Indian Train Routes To At Least Once Visit In Lifetime

Remember, the time of your childhood when you use to travel with your family in a train. Watching picturesque scenes, villages, tunnels, bridges and other things outside the window use to bring a smile on our face. While on a train journey to any place in order to spend time we play, read books, sleep, listen music and do whatever comes in our mind.

However, train journeys to a long or a short route can result in boring sometime but it can be interesting if we see beauty outside the window. Yes, there are train routes between stations which are going to give you a beautiful and natural experience.

Here is the list of all the beautiful train routes in India:

Kajrat to Lonavala:

While having a train journey from Kajrat to Lonavala one go through Thakurwadi, Monkey Hills and Khandala which gives a best scenic view. Experience this in a monsoon season to witness rain scenery.

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Mumbai to Goa:

The journey from Mumbai to Goa is a spectacular one and is more thrilling than your actual holiday. You can have a train journey with Mandovi Express to witness tunnels, bridges, periphery and small rivers.

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Kalka to Shimla:

The journey from Kalka to Shimla takes you through steepy pathways and meadows. The little toy train is considered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, starts from Kalka and travels 96 km upslope through 102 tunnels, bridges and valleys.

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Jammu to Barmulla:

This rail route connects  Jammu, Udhampur, Srinagar and Baramulla is a mesmerizing one and it is also one of the challenging railway project in India. Located in a high earthquake intensity along with cold temperature.

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Bangalore to Kanyakumari:

The journey from Bangalore to Kanyakumari is one of the typical landscape in South India. While on a train, one experience scenic villages, plantations, meadows and water bodies. The Island express travels around 944 km in a time of about 19.5 hours. List it out as one of the best train journey in India.

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Other beautiful train routes in India:

by Mamatha Reddy | Fri, Jun 07 - 06:09 AM

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