Melania Rescued Trump From Being Embarrassed In front Of Royals 

Wives always come for rescue their husbands. The same happened when wife of US President Donald Trump Melania Trump saved her husband from being embarrassed. She came forward for the rescue of her husband in front of biggies of royals. When US President failed to recognize a statue at Buckingham Palace that he himself had gifted to Queen Elizabeth Il last year.

As per the reports, at Buckingham Palace, the US President was shown a pewter horse which he gave as a gift to Queen Elizabeth in their meeting in July 2018. With shoeing the statue, he was asked whether he recognized it or not. Trump replied by saying “no” and failed to recognize his own gift.

From being embarrassed in front of everyone, first Lady Melania rescued him by saying: “I think we gave that to the Queen.”

When Trump visited Windsor in July 2018, he had given the thoroughbred statue in polished pewter as a gift to the Queen. The incident which could put the US President in embarrassing situation happened when the Queen Elizabeth was showing the President and his wife Melania around an exhibition at the palace picture gallery of US artefacts on Monday.

The items included a display of golfing memorabilia and a draft copy of a telegram from George VI to US General Dwight Eisenhower after the D-Day invasion of France. Previously, the US President was pictured giving the Queen an unusual handshake while meeting at the start of his state visit. When he was welcomed to the Palace, he appeared to grasp only the monarch’s fingers in his fist.

Social media users were quick to comment on the incident in a hilarious manner. One user wrote, "Exactly like all married couples worldwide. Wife picks gift that both give, husband pays no attention. I think every married couple knows this."

Another user wrote, "Absurd the taxpayers of America are giving @RoyalFamily more stuff. They don't need more stuff. We should be using our money for more important things. Insane."

by Mamatha Reddy | Wed, Jun 05 - 01:34 PM

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