Meghna Gulzar Has Lot To Say About Mom Raakhee, Dad Gulzar And Alia Bhatt

Meghna Gulzar, the woman behind critically acclaimed films like Talvar and Raazi is the only daughter of lyricist and poet Gulzar and actress Raakhee.

She started working as the freelancer writer for leading media and then turned as the director. Meghna praised by many for Raazi and while promoting the film in the latest interview she opened up about her mother, dad, and Alia Bhatt.

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Here, read what she has to say:

Talking about her mother she said, "My mother was never a party person. Once the camera was off and the make-up has withdrawn, she led a very simple life."

When she asked about acting or she wants to become a heroine like her mother? She replied, "I did get offers. I was in college. Kamal Haasan Sir called my father, who told him that she first needs to complete her education and decide herself. But I didn't want to be an actor. Constant scrutiny unnerves me. I am a private person."

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Meghna wanted to do something creative and said, "Not essentially I want to become a director, but yes I wanted to do something creative. I was freelancing for Times Of India (ironically, their production house Junglee Pictures produced Talvar and Raazi for Meghna). If I wouldn't have been a director, I might have become an interior decorator--- but then I am not a Math person."

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Before, Filhaal she wrote the script of dark comedy while she asked she and her father couldn't get on the same page on Filhaal, on which Meghna said, "Dad said, I could make it if I can write it. I wrote a 10-page story, he read it and said 'You know what you are doing'. It was not easy to put that film together. (Late) Jhamu Sugandh backed it unconditionally. Hats off to him."

She asked to share the reaction of her mom and dad about Raazi and she said, "They are very happy. My mom was in tears when we were having the cast and crew screening. She said: Now you watch. I told her: Let's wait mom and not say anything beforehand. On the other hand, my dad said: 'Tumhari aadat ho gayi hai. Film banakar khamosh kardete ho'. The same thing happened when he saw Talwars. He had gone silent for few hours and didn't want to say anything."

However, Meghna's first choice for Razzi is Alia only Alia and regarding that, the filmmaker explains, "I don't know how I would have made Raazi without Alia. With due respect to all the other actors, an actor pops into the head the moment I write the story. So I knew the arc the character required, I knew the level of performance I wanted. And, there's an inherent vulnerability about Alia. She says she is always doubting herself, always nervous. It's a character trait in her, not an actor ability."

Further talking about her parents who have a strong personality she said, My mother doesn't like to know anything about the film until it is released. She wants to see it without a colored mind. In fact, she was getting quite irritated when I made her see the trailer. As for my dad, well I do try to imbibe from him how he would write certain sensitive portions in a crisper way. That his forte. He is just a master at that."

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