Meet Khushroo Suntook, the ace man behind Bisleri in India

One would assume that the genius's profession peaked when he introduced a brand that the best of us have forgetfully asked for the same from a seller when we actually just meant to purchase bottled water. However, the 81-year-old is still fluently appending his strokes of a mastermind to the nation's entrepreneurial picture.

Khushroo Suntook's family - living in Mumbai's luxurious Malabar Hills - is a family of well-known legal representatives who have graced it all from the judge's counter at BHC to the panel of Mulla and Mulla. His mom, in return, is the daughter of Fifth Baronetm Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy.

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He also was to pledge his loyalty to the line of work all his forefathers pledged their lives to.

Bisleri was at first a firm, which created an anti-malarial medicine and had a small plant on DN Road. Whilst that got taken over, they still boasted of the property and wished to utilize the sum to bring something innovative to India.

“He was a very powerful Italian, and a really dynamic fellow. The water quality back then was so bad in Bombay that people would get bad tummies. There was no bottled water available because it was all restricted in those days, and bottled water was considered a luxury. We had to break that misconception,” he recalled.

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They also possessed one more firm back in Italy, which creates the wine 'Ferro China', and had bottling plants that also produced a type of natural mineral water. In the domestic zone, they set up a plant in Thane’s at Waghle Estate. Initially, the water gets demineralized, turning it almost purified, but since that is unhealthy for use as it contains no minerals, they then insert small amounts of potassium as well as sodium.

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“People thought we were quite mad. But we started making the product anyway, and roped in Voltas as our distributors,” Khushroo recounted.

“At first, they said, who’s going to buy water for one rupee! It was such a new concept. No one wanted to pay for water. But, slowly the hotels started taking them,” he recalled.

by Vijay Singh | Tue, May 08 - 03:21 PM

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