Marathi Poha Vs Indori Poha: the race for GI tag goes on; here’re experts suggestions

Poha or flattened rice is considered to be the most preferred breakfast in certain parts of India such as Maharashtra and Indore. This breakfast food is popular across India and comes in different flavours across the country.


But one of the most well-known amongst them is the Indori Poha and is made using soaked flattened rice, which is fried in little oil and some spice and vegetables are also added into it. Poha is also a popular breakfast-food in Maharashtra. Less time is consumed for preparing this food, as it is very much easy to prepare. It is considered to be an ideal on the go meal in Mumbai.


But unlike the poha in Mumbai, Indori Poha is considered as a full meal. As per various reports, an application has been made by the Indori Mithai Aur Namkeen Nirmata-Vikreta Vyapari Sangh, which demands a Geographical Indication (GI) tag for the poha made in Indore.


Apart from Poha, they have also asked for GI tags for other dishes such as laung-sev, khatta-meetha mixture and Dahi-ki-shikanji, which are considered to be some unique dishes of Indore. The poha made in Indore is served with sev and onions are finely chopped on the top of it. Plus, spicy gravy is usually poured over the Indori poha and is also heavier than the one that you get in Maharashtra.

There are no claims that Indore is the birthplace of Poha but the unique character and taste of Indori Poha is something worth mentioning. Ingredients that are used in the preparation of poha marks its variety and varieties like Kanda-pohe are prepared with the help of onions.

A geographical indication (GI) tag will help to denote the sign or name of various products that are very much specific to a particular geographical location and will also attract more people towards it.

by Ricky Tandon | Wed, Aug 07 - 11:40 AM

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