Mandana Karimi On Tinder, “She’d Swipe Right For Ranveer Singh Or David Beckham”

Bollywood is a glamorous industry and beautiful divas from all around the world try their luck to make big in the industry and very few of them succeed. Mandana Karimi is an Iranian model and a Bollywood actress. Mandana was born on May 19 in Iran. Mandana got a big break in Bollywood with Bhaag Johnny in 2015.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, the actress got candid in conversation. Mandana said that low point of her life was when she had to get out from a messy relation and high point in life was when she became a model at the age of 19 and got to travel at various places in the world.

When asked about what style means here, she said that it is confidence to carry an outfit. On being asked who she thinks is the sexiest man in Bollywood, she said it's Ranveer Singh.

Mandana said that she admires the style of Sonam Kapoor and that the diva is a trendsetter in a true sense. On being asked about how has been her experience in Bollywood, she said that the industry has challenged and developed her a lot. On being asked what makes her mood for love, she said that chocolate, a glass of wine and a good conversation.

On being asked about which social media platform she uses the most, she said that she uses Instagram the most among the social media platforms so that her fans can see her life easily and fast. She also said that her tinder profile would read Hot and Sexy always. On being asked for whom she will swipe right on Tinder, she said Ranveer Singh or David Beckham.

On being asked about what rule she follows and wishes her partner to follow, she said that being honest is one rule every relationship requires.

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