Man Sets New Guinness World Record For Fastest Barefoot Half-Marathon In Snow

Running barefooted in the snow is not a simple and easy job. However, it has some strange positive effects, which can encourage experienced runners to attain something special.

As per the latest reports, a Norwegian sprinter has achieved the same. But his additional energy has currently made him renowned and possibly earned him a special position in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Jonas Felde Sevaldrud has unofficially hit a Guinness World Record by running half a marathon barefoot in the snow. The runner completed the run in just a period of 1 hour, 44 minutes, and 58 seconds.

Sevaldrud recorded his record-setting effort on the camera. He posted the video on YouTube. The video presently bagged more than 7,800 views.

He wrote in his caption, "I tried to beat a Wim Hof Guinness world record! This is the hardest challenge I have ever done."


Sevaldrud stated that the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall has offered him all the inspiration to accept the barefoot task.

He also said that his early tries amazed him at how running barefooted on snow wasn't really so tough.

As cited on YouTube, he made his mind to break Dutch sportsperson Wim Hof's world record that he attained during the year 2007. The runner completed half a marathon on the ice in a period of 2 hours, 16 minutes, and 34 seconds.

Sevaldrud stated that he had to cancel his first try at the record after sharp ice hurt his feet. But just some weeks afterward, he was fit again to give it a go.

by Ricky Tandon | Mon, Feb 08 - 01:29 PM

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