A Man Holds Guinness World Record For Collecting 10,558 Coca-Cola Cans From 87 Countries

Davide Andreani holds a Guinness World Record for having the world's largest collection of coca-cola cans. He has collected over 10,558 cans from 87 countries. Hailing from Italy, Davide had his first coke at the age of 6. His father would often travel abroad for business and as a  momento, he used to get a special can of coke for his son. His first can from the big collection is from Germany in 1979.

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David used to find fun in collecting things. When he was a child, he also used to collect stamps and coins. As he grew, his interest built towards collecting coca-cola cans. His collection is splendid in every terms. Not every other person can get a collection like him as he has not built it from finding empty cans from garbage. Infact, his collection has all kinds of coca-cola cans every released. It also includes those cans which were released by the company for a short period of time. It also has cans that were not made public also. His collection includes unique cans which are produced only for unique purpose like celebration of a sports event, a presidential election, etc. He also has rarest cans which are in silver and gold and cost about $500.

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He has his own website where he displays his finding and communicate with others for trade purpose. He has some duplicates of cans (which are not counted in the total collection) which he uses to swap with fellow collectors.

He made the Guinness world record of 'Largest collection of Soft Drinks Cans' for his collection in 2013. His collection is growing with time and still holds the record.

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He was once asked if he is a fan of the soft-drink, to which he had said, "I drink Coca-Cola very little."

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