A Man From Bihar Turned His Nano Car Into A Helicopter

Many times people go into bad stage due to not fulfilling his aspirations. However, there are some who prove themselves by changing the situation instead of giving up and a person from Bihar has done the same. This man's dream was to become a pilot but when he failed to do so, he adopted the different method which is now going viral.

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A 23-year-old young man living in Saran district of Bihar wanted to become a pilot.  His dreams could not be fulfilled but he turned his car into a helicopter. It took 7 months of hard work to fulfill his dream. The young man said that he has spent all his savings to fulfill this dream.

The father of Mithlesh Kumar Prasad, a young man from Sharmi village in Baniapur block, is a farmer. He said that he wanted to become a pilot since childhood, but due to financial issues his dream could not be fulfilled. He works as a pipeline fitter in Gujarat.  Mithlesh thought of another way to fulfill his dream. He was also supported by his brother Sujit in this work. Sujit read all the necessary techniques and helped his brother in making the car a chopper.

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The interior of this chopper is made of iron while the exterior is made of aluminum. He has also built the tail rotor, main rotor blade, tail boom, rotor mast and cockpit.  Mithlesh said that apart from all this, he has also installed trip lights, RGB remote control lights in rotor blades and tail rotors in his chopper.

Mithlesh told that he bought a Tata Nano car last year by saving money. He started the work of turning this Nano car into a chopper from November 2018. He told that they are still working on this car. Soon after the work is over, his car will fly like a chopper.

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He was asked how he learnt the technical work, he said, "The fuse, wire, lights, and electronic gadgets always fascinated me. In my free time, I dismantle the electronic device and then assemble it."

He further said, "We even put a control panel button just like it is in helicopter. The button controls the functioning such as movement of fans, accelerator, lighting and booster among others."

by Mamatha Reddy | Fri, Aug 09 - 12:49 PM

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