Mr Mahindra’s wife Anuradha asks him to cook & gets a humorous reply

India’s business tycoon and the chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra knows a trick as to how to get out of something you do not want to do. On this Sunday, Mr Mahindra's wife asked him to cook and he already had an excuse ready. And as we all know, he is possibly India's most Twitter-savvy business tycoon, so he almost post every happening taking place in and around of his life. So, this was also shared by him on Twitter and his reply has definitely left Twitter laughing while his response may not have amused his wife.


Coming to the incident, Mr Mahindra, on Twitter, wrote that it is a rainy weekend & we're staying home & my wife asked me if I wanted to help cook some interesting dishes.

Mr Mahindra gave a response, wherein he sent her a picture of a man ironing a chapati on a plate to convince her he wasn't up to the task. On Twitter, he also wrote that he sent her the same picture saying this is how he works & asked if she was sure his skills were relevant.

Mr Mahindra’s post has collected over 18,000 likes and hundreds of amused comments.


This year in April, Mr Mahindra also spoke about the "perils of having a smart wife" in a Twitter post that left many laughing out loud. On Twitter, he shared an article about a man who pretended to be speech and hearing-impaired for 62 long years in order to "avoid listening to his wife". And that post also, since being shared online, has got around 20,000 likes and has got a lot of amused comments.


by Lokendra Sharma | Mon, Jul 29 - 04:30 PM

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