Maharashtra Railways plans to remove weighing machines which were introduced in 1958

We all know that Indian Railways are going through many changes, recently one of the shortest routes was closed at Thiruvananthapuram and now the Government of Maharastra has decided to remove the weighing machine which was previously used by the commuters.


Earlier, when trains were delayed then commuters used to use the weighing machine as a pass time. But now as time has changed so have the passengers and railways. As per the new reports Maharashtra railways have decided to bring an end to those weighing machine which the passengers used for many years.

These machines were introduced in 1958 in Indian Railways, for the sake of passengers, when trains used to get delayed then the commuter used to use the machine to check weight. After putting a coin, the machine would then issue a small card with the user's weight written on it. These cards would at times feature the images of Bollywood stars, or if you were especially lucky - a motivational message. For the most part, this entire unparalleled experience would cost an anna or 25 paise.


At those times not only young but the aged passengers also got attracted towards the weighing machine, it was equipped with the choicest of lights, spinning wheels and music.

In recent days the charge of the usage of machine increased to Rs. 2, but now the number of users have been drastically reduced which turn the railways to think twice about the machine's existence, as its maintenance cost them more than the benefit. Eventually, the Railways came to the conclusion, "Its the end of the road of the weighing Machine at the Railway platform and you will be no longer to check your weight at Railway platforms."


A Western Railways official said, "The removal of these machines started in 2013 after they discovered that passengers were not using them anymore. The daily mentioned that during a cleanliness drive in September, the Central Railways removed these machines completely. Not only these machines, other equipment such as old automatic ticket vending machines (ATVM) and old furniture that were not being used have also been discarded by the Indian Railways."

Nevertheless, Railways always introduced their new updations and the commoners have to accept their decisions, for more scoops and reports, stay with Laughing Colours.

by Shifa Naz | Fri, Oct 05 - 12:16 PM

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