Maharashtra place ban on plastic: Here’re some alternatives to plastic items

As the administration’s prohibition on single-use plastic things that comprise carry bags, disposable cutlery and thermocol got operational all over the state of Maharashtra on Saturday.

The person who will violate the ban will get penalized ranging from Rs 5,000- Rs 25,000.

Some portions of the state protested as several struggled for alternatives, which will keep their trades afloat.

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A lot of storekeepers, both retail merchants as well as wholesalers, in Malad and Kandivali remained their shops closed to showcase their objection.

Ambar Patel, proprietor of a clothing store in Malad West, stated, “We do not support this ban and so, we will keep the shop closed on Saturday. Each of our items from a shirt to even socks is packed in plastic. A penalty of Rs 5,000 is too much. This will also inconvenience the people who prefer carrying plastic bags during rains.”

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However, the positive news is that there are eco-friendly substitutes for the majority of plastic items. Some of the alternatives comprise –

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  1. The simplest and easiest things to replace plastic bag comprise plates, cups, containers, and trays that are made from betelleaf, bamboo as well as wood. These are completely free of chemicals and binding agents. In addition, these can be decayed into the soil within a period of 8 weeks.
  2. Edible cutlery sets specially prepared of food grains will surely become a great choice.
  3. The carriers made using cloth, canvas, muslin, jute, silk, wicker bags can easily handle around 4 to 6 kilograms of weight. Such useful bags are easily obtainable and in addition they boast of wordings, which reads: “I am not a plastic bag” or “100% compostable” and “does not contain plastic.”
  4. People have to make use of their steel vessels or bottles to purchase or bring milk and other liquid products, and meat
  5. Other interesting option is paper and compostable garbage bin liners that get produced from the starch of potato and corn

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Jun 24 - 12:19 PM

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