Madhya Pradesh man deprived of a sim card as his name was Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is one of the most popular figures in the Indian politics and is well adored by the youth of India. But we might not know the fact that there is also another man with the name Rahul Gandhi, in India.


This man from the state of Madhya Pradesh is in the search for getting a loan to do some business. The man named Rahul Gandhi has been knocking the doors of banking institutions, but none of them were willing to give him a loan. Apart from deprived of getting a loan, the telecom operators are also not willing to issue a new SIM card for him. They forced him to get one in the name of his brother.

This Rahul Gandhi is a resident of Akhand Nagar in Indore and the surnam "Gandhi" has become a big thorn in his life. Even the businessmen are not willing to provide bills for his purchases after hearing his name. Life really has become frustrating for this man from Indore.

He has always been a laughing stock in front of his friends and is often compared to the real Rahul Gandhi. He is also blamed of lying about his real name and also for creating false IDs.


Some time back, when this Rahul Gandhi contacted a bank for a loan, the official laughed at hearing his name.

The bank official asked him when Rahul Gandhi got shifted from Delhi to Indore, before cutting the call. Ultimately, the man has decided to change his last name to Malviya so that he does not become an object of making fun for his friends. He has enough documents required to change his surname and he believes that his fortune will change after changing the name. The man has also removed Gandhi from his surname so as to obtain a valid driving license.

by Ricky Tandon | Wed, Jul 31 - 12:06 PM

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