Lucknow IAS Officer’s Wife Becomes A Mother To 25 Underprivileged Kids

When a family is hit by poverty, it becomes necessary for all members to earn so that no one has to sleep hungry by the end of the day. Well, in some of the families who live a life of below poverty line, young kids whose age is of going to school and studying, they have no option but to earn. They are made to drop their studies and indulge in some work like begging, selling toys or cleaning vehicles just to earn few rupees. This is really sad to see but it does happen in reality.

They don’t even get time to eat meals and they sit on the roadside and quickly have it so that they can get back to work.

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This is a daily routine for many children across India, but one woman in Lucknow decided to make a difference, and turn the lives of a few children around.

IAS officer Jitendra Kumar’s wife Seema Gupta, lives in a lavish bungalow with many amenities, all because of her husband’s post.

Seema had watched the movie, Hichki starring Rani Mukerji. The movie was not only about Tourette syndrome but also showed the social divide between the children belonging to wealthy and underprivileged families. She was so inspired by the movie and decided to do something. She made a decision to foster children who come from a disadvantaged background.

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So, if you visit Seema’s home in Lucknow, you might meet about 25 children studying, eating their meals or playing around.

Talking about the same to a leading news portal, Seema said that she happily welcomes these kids in her home, gives them all healthy food to eat and good clothes to wear. She also teaches them in their garden area.

Seema further revealed that her husband allows her to take his private car and driver so that she could pick up the kids from their homes and drop them back at the end of the day.

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One of the kids named Aditya told a leading news daily that ‘madam’ is not just a teacher to him, but also a motherly figure.

Seema has also asked her husband to help her get these children admitted into a good school so they can secure their future. Seema, who says that she doesn’t believe in doing social service just for the sake of it, wants her initiative not only to be a temporary residence for the kids, but a means to better the lives of 25 families.

Hats off to Seema!

by Vijay Singh | Wed, Jul 11 - 11:59 AM

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