A Loving Stranger Assists A Mom Struggling With 2 Kids on Charlotte flight

As per the latest reports, an Arkansas mother's tale of how an unfamiliar person assisted her, as well as two young kids on a trip, is winning people's hearts crosswise the nation.

The report added, the 34-year-old Jessica Rudeen who belongs to the city of Bentonville struck with some problem when she was going to North Carolina from Missouri. Her 4-month-old son, Alexander, and 3-year-old daughter, Caroline were also with Jessica Rudeen.

In her FB post, Jessica Rudeen penned down, "My first flights with an infant and a toddler started out with a little panic when we boarded the plane.”


"My 4-month-old was screaming his head off because, due to a series of unexpected events, I was unable to nurse him before boarding the plane. My 3-year-old, who was excited before boarding the plane, lost her nerve and began screaming and kicking, 'I want to get off the plane! I don’t want to go!' I honestly thought we’d get."

Fortunately, one more passenger named Todd Walker was really contented to provide assistance.

"This man reached for the baby and held him while I forced a seatbelt on Caroline, got her tablet and started her movie," Rudeen added up.

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"Once she was settled and relatively calmed, he distracted her so that I could feed Alexander. Finally, while we were taxiing, the back of the plane no longer had screams."

However, the 52-year old's kindheartedness didn't end there.

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She added up that the kindhearted person was very happy with her daughter and also enjoyed with Caroline during the journey and even enjoyed coloring and watched a film with little cutie pie.

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"By the end of the flight, he was Caroline's best friend," Rudeen added up. "I'm not sure if he caught the kiss she landed on his shoulder while they were looking out the window."

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In another stroke of luck, the new friends discovered that they were connecting in Charlotte to the same flight to Wilmington.

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Rudeen's FB post expressing thanks towards Walker speedily turned viral all over the web, with over 28K likes and 7,000 shares.

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Even though Rudeen did not have Walker's surname, social media users aided her contact his spouse, Stacey who stated assisting people is the part of her hubby's cool nature.

Rudeen stated that she hopes that their families can meet soon.

by Vijay Singh | Fri, May 04 - 03:14 PM

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