Love-Yatri Review: Newbies Aayush And Warina’s Performance Is A Delightful One

Cast: Aayush Sharma, Warina Hussain, Ronit Roy, Ram Kapoor

Director: Abhiraj K Minawala

Total time: 2 hours, 19 minutes

Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Sushrut (Aayush) is a college boy in Vadodara who has a vision of launching a Garba school. When his path crosses with Michelle’s also known as Manisha, an NRI biz grad from London, he gets smitten towards her. But, her dad, Sameer Patel (Ronit), is of the opinion that the deprived boy and his annoying daughter are a mismatch. So, after their Navratri festivities, the boy and girl are forced to break up. Unquestionably, Susu, helped by his mama ji, Rasik Desai (Ram Kapoor) gets on with a flight to London and before you know it, he has the girl.

Review: There is nothing mistaken with LoveYatri, excluding the detail that it is a vanilla offering minus any certain clash. The poor boy-rich girl conflict has been done to many times in mainstream Bollywood. So, the producers of the flick are not wrong in picking this evidence. And if a love tale fails to make you contended, then it entails something is not quite right. The production is great. You can witness that a copious budget was on the way.

Debutant Aayush has certainly worked on his melodious songs. He has a fair character, however, his performance is simple-minded. His co-star, another beginner, Warina, is someone to suppose. Her light-eyed, fair-skin, lithe form has positive appeal, as does her faintly nasal voice.

In the last half, the movie predictably shifts to London.

Karan Johar, who saw the movie recently, was full of praise for the team.

KJo said, “A breezy delightful and full of pyaar wala love story that makes you want to dance garba style in abandon! Loveyatri introduces two wonderful debutantes Aayush Sharma and Warina! Both confident and so assured! Aayush is such a bundle of energy! And what a dancer! Watch it.”

Salman Khan, who launched his brother-in-law with Loveyatri, in a previous interview, stated that he wishes the movie to be a "great hit".

"We can't expect this film to be the biggest disaster ever, so obviously we all want this film to be a big hit and that's what we wish, but only that Friday will tell us whether this film is hit or not and the leading pair and director of the film is appreciated or not," Salman Khan said.

by Vijay Singh | Fri, Oct 05 - 11:06 AM

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