Listening To Music While Working Out Helps In Reducing Fatigue

Music is life. We need it while working, travelling, partying, and at times when we are just sitting alone. We all know that it helps us in relaxing and keep our mind at peace. Moreover, we should listen to music while working out as well because it helps in reducing fatigue.

A recent study has suggested that listening to "Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ while performing physical activities stimulates the area of the brain linked to reducing fatigue." The study was published in International Journal of Psychophysiology and it discussed the importance about how listening to music while working out can help in preventing fatigue.

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The people who were studied claimed that listening to 11 minutes of a song made them feel like their exercise routine was over in just 60 seconds. They also said that if a song is being played in the background then it is easier to work out and then don't feel bored.

The study’s author Marcelo Bigliassi, of Brunel University in London found that "music played an important role in delivering more excitement while working out and diverted thoughts to things that were not related to the task at hand; helping you avoid boredom."

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Here are some of the findings from the study:

1- “Music is a very powerful auditory stimulus and can be used to assuage negative bodily sensations that usually arise during exercise-related situations. This psychophysical response is triggered by an attentional mechanism that will ultimately result in a more efficacious control of the musculature."

2- “What we have identified in this study was that the left inferior frontal gyrus activates when individuals exercise in the presence of music. This region of the brain appears to be a hub of sensory integration, processing information from external and internal sources (e.g., music and limb discomfort, respectively)."

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Listening to music while walking increase your energy and enjoyment level. It also improves your mental focus. This happens because music has an effect on central and frontal regions of the brain.



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