Learn Eight Theories About The Existence Of Aliens

We all love to learn about the facts related to our solar system, environment as well as aliens. Even kids love to know about aliens from where they come and all about their existence. So, check out the 8 theories regarding the survival of creature from outer space that make you doubt if we’re actually alone.

  1. This man has apparently figured out a way to talk to aliens.

Stephen Wolfram, a computer scientist and physicist claimed that he has figured out a way to talk to aliens. Apparently, he has devised a coding software, called Mathematica, which was used by the makers of the Oscar-nominated sci-fi film "Arrival".


According to him, one can communicate with almost anybody using the basic constructs of mathematics. You can read about his theory in detail in his blog post.

  1. Radio signals from a far-flung galaxy have led to rumours regarding the continued existence of alien life.


The earth has frequently been getting explodes of radio waves from a far-away dwarf galaxy. The incidence of these Fast Radio Bursts as they point out that we have been getting radio indications away from Earth.

  1. About Goldilocks Zone, boffins consider there are parts of the Universe that could encourage life.


Boffins think out of every 5-6 planets there may be room for human habitation.

  1. Ex British UFO researcher posted his personal experiences about UFO detections.


Nick Pope, an ex British official and a present 'UFO expert', stated that there exist people who gaze at our skies. During his spell as a UFO researcher, he remained the head at the UFO desk till the year 2009, after which the section got halted. His book, 'Open Skies, Closed Minds', discusses the actual experiences he's had about UFOs.

  1. Ex Canadian Defence Minister thinks that human beings have copied scientific breakthroughs from creature from outer spaces.


Paul Hellyer, ex Canadian Defence Minister, thinks that human beings have imitated a lot of scientific breakthroughs from the creature from outer spaces.

  1. NASA had once casually admitted they were in contact with aliens.


In the past, NASA confessed that they were in contact with aliens. They even stated that the creatures from outer space have a base on the distant surface of the moon, and are presently mining a number of planets in our solar arrangement for minerals.

  1. Boffins consider that crop circles are messages left by a technically advanced alien group trying to approach us.


During July 1996, one of the globe's most multifaceted and impressive crop circles emerged in England. There is undoubtedly in the reality that these crop circles are real, but their source remains a secret up till now.

  1. Popular UFO and alien sightings and abductions have been recorded.


Well, would you like to discover more about them?

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by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jul 03 - 02:35 PM

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