His laugh made him viral, Introducing you to the trending ‘Green Shirt Guy’.

Social media has the power to make people famous in just seconds. Sometimes for accomplishing something extremely strange, or clever. Some of the times it's only for fun.


Truth be told, it is generally for accomplishing something truly astonishing - without doing much hard work. For Alex Kack, it has been just by laughing at Donald Trump supporters.


At Tuscon City Council meeting that was being recorded on camera, a group of Donald Trump supporters disturbed the gathering and started chanting about the pro Trump government, wearing their 'Make America Great Again' caps and upholding for the  'illegal immigrants.'


Kack was recorded by the camera person laughing his heart out as a response to this pair. As the video clip gradually advanced its way to the Internet, Netizens felt that Kack was really, their 'spirit animal,' and #GreenShirtGuy turned into another trending meme.


Posted on Twitter by Nick VinZant on Twitter, the video grabbed everybody's eye, and got more than 11 million views in 24 hours.

People were keen to get some information about #GreenShirtGuy.

When more and more people requested the identity of the 'Green Shirt Guy,' VinZant really posted two interviews with him, uncovering his identity and why he couldn't quit giggling there.


"The majority of this country.... understands that the loudest voices happening right presently are kinda ridiculous. And I think the laughing is resonating because that's how people feel right now," says Kack.


After knowing about who Kack is, his followers rundown has shot up to over 50k on Twitter.

by Lokendra Sharma | Fri, Aug 09 - 03:39 PM

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