Various changes in Aadhaar Card verification has left the citizens puzzled

Aadhaar Card system is emerging out with new rules and becoming a headache with so much of confusion among the netizens. It seems that the Aadhaar Card system is changing every day making our new validations.

As per the previous rules, they were forced to run around validating sim cards with the new ID card, and eventually, it was discarded by the Supreme Court.


Now, again the new changes are leaving us perplexed. When the SC made a ruling on Aadhaar earlier last month, they had four points they were absolutely clear on. One of the rules was that the private firms would not be allowed to use Aadhaar verification for any goods and services.

The very next change was that banks and phone numbers, in particular, could not be tied to an Aadhaar Card. The justice Sikri at the time said, "The DoT notification to that effect is unconstitutional," and "No person's right can be denied on the ground of lack of Aadhaar."


When you see a SIM card, the telecom company need to perform a KYC check known as Know Your Customer. It's just a way to verify your identity before giving a sim card to the customer.

They are facing the problem since the SC has said, "A KYC check can't be performed with Aadhaar, it technically invalidates all the SIM cards that were issued through this process. Telcos still need to verify the identity of the SIM card holder, they just can't use the Aadhaar details they already have. So that might mean around 50 crore mobile subscribers having to verify themselves once more or risk losing their phone numbers."


Now the matter will be sorted out by the Government, telcos are just sitting and waiting, they got failed to submit their plans for an "extra strategy" to UIDAI by October 15, as the Aadhaar authority asked. The Government said that they are just going to wait to provide some more clarity before acting at all.

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by Shifa Naz | Fri, Oct 19 - 02:28 PM

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