Kolkata Man Does Something Simply Unbelievable To Woo A Girl He Met On A Train

Love is one of the most beautiful creations of God and there are a lot of people who have proved that when you are in love, everything is fair. The famous quote for some crazy lovers, "LOVE IS BLIND" is a living example which we all might have witnessed at some point in our life.

Also, we see a lot of people trying to recreate some romantic filmy moments in real life thinking maybe that might help. So, here's one example of a super filmy romance but before that let's give you an overall insight to understand better.

Have you seen the movie Saathiya starring Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukerji where the hero falls in love with the heroine on a train and they end up living happily ever after? So, the story which we are going to narrate you is somewhat the same.

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A man staying in Kolkata is lovestruck when he saw a girl on the train and instantly fell for her. Well, that's not it. He is so crazy for her that he has done some stuff which can make anyone go aww.

Biswajit Poddar is a government employee and has plastered a 6 km stretch between Konnagar and Bali with 4000 posters to find the girl whom he saw on a local train. Biswajit also made a 7-minute short film which you can see on Youtube.

Talking about the same with a leading news portal, Biswajit said, "My friends and family think I am crazy, but I cannot help it. It was love at first sight and I can't get her out of my mind."

The Romeo takes a train to Konnagar after finishing his office duties every day and waits at the station where he last saw the girl of his dreams.

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Further clarifying his intentions which are not at all bad, he said, "I have no intention of insulting her or getting her into trouble. I am doing all this so that she can find me and contact me if she wants."

Biswajit said that he boarded the same train as the girl and she was sitting right opposite his seat along with her parents.

Well, we hope the girl responds to Biswajit!


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