Kerala Coolie clears Public Services Exam with a phone, free wi-fi and a set of earphones

In this tale of uphill struggle and firmness, a person followed his big dreams with extreme carefulness and the entire universe place all its powers in concert to assist him to attain big success.

As per reports, Sreenath K, who hails from Munnar in Kerala, has cleared the state’s Public Services Examination by hinging upon the railway station’s WiFi connection.


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The boy is a coolie at Ernakulam railway station. He has been doing the job as coolie from the last 5 years.

While taking care of his family, he didn't lose concentration on preparing for the state civil services examination

Along with his job, he kept on preparing for the exam and made use of each and every chance to learn and passed out the written examination of Kerala Public Service Commission in 2018.

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While talking to media people, Sreenath told how he made use of the free wifi which is accessible at the railway station for his benefit.

He said, "I have appeared thrice for the exam. What I do is put on my earphones and listen to the study material as I carry the luggage or solve questionnaires in my mind. This way I can study while I work. I revise all my work at night when I get free time.”

A lot of practice lessons, downloadable at a pace of 20-40 Mbps, were amongst a lot of other things helped the hard working boy to prepare for the exam.

Together with that, the boy got trouble-free access to web examination forms, and beyond everything else, he saved money on books.

The boy is yet to appear for the interview and if he passes the 3rd phase, he's eyeing to work in the Depart of Revenue and Land as village field assistant.

Sreenath is not ready to give up on his dream of getting a secure job anytime shortly as he said, “I will keep studying. While I work as a coolie because I have the pressure of running my house, I will keep studying and appearing for exams. If I appear for enough exams, I am bound to get a good job.”

by Vijay Singh | Thu, May 10 - 03:50 PM

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