Kavita Kaushik Is Not Happy With Facebook, Bids Goodbye To Popular Social Media Site

Social Media has become an integral part of our lives and one can not survive without it in today's times. Millions of people are pretty active on popular social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and share their personal memories. Amidst all these, there are also various celebrities who for whom it is a great platform to connect with their fans and also keep them updated about their whereabouts.

But with some pros of social media, there are also some cons which celebs often face. They have to be really careful with their activities or whatever they say or do or else they will receive a flak from the viewers.

There are many celebs who express how tough it is to survive on social media with so much of not-so-happy vibes which they get from the people. Some celebs have actually quit the social media platforms to stay away from such things.

The latest celebrity is popular TV actress Kavita Kaushik. The actress has been away from the small screens for a long time now, however, she is pretty active on the social media to keep her fans updated about her whereabouts.

But recently, the actress seemed to be not very happy with the overall things happening on the popular social networking site Facebook and decided to quit it forever. She feels its not a good idea to be a part of this online social gathering where people are so mean and there's nothing good about it.

Before finally signing off from her Facebook account, Kavita posted a big message and expressed her feelings and also stated the reason for her calling it quits from Facebook.

In her long post, Kavita wrote, "Facebook is place where friends seem to be arguing, colleagues seem to be political party candidates preparing to take over the country cos change toh hone se rahi, I swear IL end up getting a huge dog into my flat and give it the dullest life If I see one more dog video! and a place where one gets to see morphed pics of yourself if one is an actress! All this would’ve hooked me a couple of years back (not the morphed pics that always makes me livid) but now somehow it seems to have become an assault to my sense of taste, time and attention, So I really think I’m a misfit here. Clear the clutter is my new thing you can call it a fad, call it anything behind me those who wanna cos I am out, any of you who genuinely gives a fuck has my number, call me come over there’s always food n drinks at home we can socialise n talk about anything ! anytime! And have way more fun I assure u, so Fu FB! Bye doston aur parivar , mast raho.”

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Well, the die-hard fans of our very own Chandramukhi Chautala will surely miss her.

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