Kareena Kapoor Reveals That Taimur Is Not Allowed To Eat At Parties

Well, during a conversation with dietician Rutuja Diwekar, Kareena along with Saif Ali Khan has made some serious revelations about their lifestyle and diet. Though, the conversation turned interesting when Kareena talked about Taimur Ali Khan and also admitting that she’s a hyper-paranoid mother. The question was raised about Taimur and the actors were asked if he enjoys home food because the diet of Kareena and Saif focused around 'ghar ka khaana.' After the question, Kareena wasn’t able to hide her anxiety and worries related to Taimur’s eating habits during the parties.

The actress said, “I am hyper-paranoid. He goes to birthday parties and he's not allowed to eat outside. But I know that's also wrong, he can..." And Saif jumped in the conversation by saying, 'he eats chip though..” Rutuja took a dig and said that it’s okay sometimes because at home, he only eats khichdi all the time. Kareena continued and said, “Khichdi, idli dosa, like healthy kind of home cooked food. I sit on his plan also. Every month I alternate it accordingly. Whatever fruits are available, what vegetables he should be eating in the month so ya...he quite enjoys it. Today he actually had Saag for lunch and he normally didn't like it but I have been shoving it down his throat so now he's got used to it so he actually ate the whole bowl.”

In the interview, she also revealed how Taimur has made her and Saif’s lifestyle healthier and they have stopped staying up late during the nights.

by Lokendra Sharma | Wed, May 22 - 02:43 PM

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