Kajol’s Daughter Nysa Doesn’t Like Watching Her Films, The Reason Might Surprise Everyone

Recently, superstar Ranveer Singh had lent his voice in ‘Deadpool 2’ that will be a special treat for the watchers of the flick.

At the present, well-known actress Kajol has given her influential voice for the Hindi edition of Disney Pixar’s super duper hit ‘Incredibles 2’.

This Bollywood beauty’s voice will be used for the character of Helen Parr also known as Elastigirl.

The Hindi version of Incredibles 2 will reach theatres on June 22 and kids are really excited for the same. So is the situation with the actress’s loving kids who are even more eager about the special movie.

While sharing her special experience of giving her voice to the character in the movie, during an interview, Ajay Devgn’s wifey stated that at first, it was actually odd for her in the beginning but when she started her job, it was full of fun.

Kajol also talked over why her loving daughter Nysa, who is currently very eager about ‘Incredibles 2’ and her mom’s character in the movie, never prefer to see her mom’s flicks.

Kajol disclosed that Nysa and son Yug are a big buff of superheroes and have enjoyed the first part ‘Incredibles’ and the kids are very thrilled to watch the second part of the movie in addition.

But, Nysa has not showcased such excitement in her mom’s previous films. In actual fact, Nysa does not like seeing her mom’s films. The reason is that Nysa has always sensed that her mom does sad movies always and Nysa does not like enjoying such flicks.

What do you want to say about Nysa’s choice? Do you comply with Kajol’s daughter Nysa’s standpoint?

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jun 18 - 03:58 PM

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