Just an unbelievable thing: Swallowing on AirPod and pooping it out, still working

Have you ever heard any incident where someone has accidentally swallowed up an electronic gadget and pooped it out while in working conditions? Surely not yet. But a guy from Taiwan has made it happened last week.

A Taiwanese man Mr. Hsu went viral due to this uncensored and weird news. It was the incident that never had happened before.

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Since Apple’s AirPods are also one of the most controversial devices due to their weird look, but not that so that anyone can swallow it and poop it out as it is.

The incident was purely accidental. As per Hsu's statement given to various TV interviews, he fell asleep with his earphones in but fails to find the right one early in the morning when he woke up. He makes use of Find My AirPod feature to detect the location of his headphones. It does show that the AirPods was still in the room but doesn’t mention where they are.

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Just like some scenes in various movies, he was even to hear that beep-beep sound, as well as the AirPods, were roaming around along with him all the time. He scoured the room in the blanket, under the bed, in between the cushions, anywhere that you can search on.

Later on, a sound makes him realize that the Airpods are in his stomach. The situation felt to be awful. The best thing that happened here is that he didn’t felt any pain throughout. He headed down a local hospital and got an x-ray there that mentioned that the headphone is in his belly. He was prescribed with laxatives by the Dr. and was also instructed to check out the stools, as if it would not emerge itself, a surgery needed to be done otherwise.

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It was Hsu’s luck that the AirPods get out with poop only. He takes them out, fished out correctly and then checked. They were still working perfectly.

Yeah, that’s amazing. AirPods went into the stomach and passed out safely with tools along with usual crap. The amazing thing here was battery was still 41%.

by Neetu Panwar | Tue, May 07 - 02:47 PM

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