Jet Airways Personnel Gets a Sigh of Relief as SpiceJet Airlines Comes for Rescue by Hiring 500 Employees

SpiceJet is one of the most popular and affordable carriers for most of people. On Friday, SpiceJet hired more than 500 employees that include 100 pilots of the grounded carrier Jet Airways. Now, it is all set to induct as many as it augments much more routes and aircraft. Out of the total employees, some of them include 100 pilots, 200 cabin crew and more than 200 airport personnel as well as the technical staff. All of them were hired by the broken airline.

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Ajay Singh, the Chairman and the Managing Director of SpiceJet said, 'As we expand and grow, we are giving first preference to those who have recently lost their jobs due to the unfortunate closure of Jet Airways.' The major intention behind this initiative is to offer employment for those who lost their jobs due to the abrupt termination of Jet Airways.

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As per the latest reports, Air India has finished the recruitment of 150 cabin crew personnel from Jet Airways for carrying out various operations internationally on the aircrafts such as Boeing 777 and Boeing 787. The Chairman then said, 'We will also induct a large number of planes in our fleet soon. SpiceJet is making all possible efforts to minimize passenger inconvenience and serve Indian customers who are finding it difficult to get seats in this busy season.'

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As of now, the SBI-directed association of members are managing the Jet Airways who are currently lending money for its maintenance. The lenders have already provided 32.1 percent and 75 percent stake to a worthy investor post the determination of all the bids. The total number of pilots, as well as the cabin attendants who were hired into the affordable carriers such as IndiGo and SpiceJet, might witness a notable pay slash.

Before recruiting them into the respective posts, a total of 260 pilots attended the interviews conducted by SpiceJet in Mumbai in the previous week. Some of them include 150 flight commanders certified for Boeing 737. Besides the pilots, some of the ground staff and cabin crew from Jet Airways were hired by different airlines.

by Neetu Panwar | Sat, Apr 20 - 10:42 AM

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