Jennifer Swaps Pants For Versace Denim Boots, Tweeps Give It A Thumbs Down

Hollywood sensation Jennifer Lopez is one of the popular divas across the globe. The beautiful singer has a huge fan following. Girls simply drool over her stylish avatar while boys can't get their eyes off her due to her mesmerizing beauty.

Apart from being an amazing singer, Jennifer is a style icon and an inspiration to many. The beauty has always wowed everyone with her amazing sense of styling. She has experimented with some out of the world clothes and rocked in it like a complete pro. In short, she is a trendsetter of fashion.

However, it seems like her latest fashion outing did not go down too well with the internet users, who took a jibe at the star for swapping her pants for denim boots.

The boots were inspired by a pair of regular denims which featured back pockets, belt loops with a black belt that showcased the brand's logo in gold.

The American singer-actress was spotted in a loosely fitted white-coloured long-sleeve shirt dress teamed with a pair of slouchy, over-the-knee denim boots from Versace’s Resort 2019 collection. Fans found it weird and unfashionable.

Check out the Twitter reactions:

"Don't make fun of her, she had indian food so she is being prepared! #LooseMothion"

"I stared at this image for about five minutes try to figure out why Jennifer Lopez had her pants around her ankles in public before realizing they were boots. Don’t think I’m in the wrong here."

"When you wash a pair of “branded” jeans bought from Janpath."

Well, there were many fans who were left awestruck by JLo's latest fashion and gave some good comments.

However, her fans ruled that no matter how bizarre or unusual the fashion trend is, Lopez will always slay in style.

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So folks, what are your thoughts on Jennifer's boots? Tell us in comments.


by Admin | Sat, Aug 04 - 01:50 PM

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