Javed Akhtar translates Farhan Akhtar’s poem into Hindi; Twitterati is in Awe

Actor-director Farhan Akhtar has recently posted a poem on his social media page in English.  The actor was immediately asked for a translation of the poem and guess who helped himtranslate it?  It is none other than Javed Akhtar, father of Farhan Akhtar.  When the actor was asked for a translation by his followers, his father and lyric writer Javed Akhtar came in to rescue of the actor and translated the poem for him.

He lend his helping hand and translated it into Hindi version and posted it online.  As soon as he posted the poem, it went viral for the reason of affection that the dad and son shares.  The love and care of parents helps people stay grounded and have a peaceful life. Which also makes them the “go-to” person whenever the need arises. Something very similar happened on Twitter when actor-producer and singer Farhan Akhtar posted one of his random musings and wished his followers a pleasant morning.

His poem read,“Together they braved it through the storm…..with hull half broken, with sails all torn…..no wave nor swell could but drown hope….that night is darkest before the dawn #musing. Have a nice day.”

While many loved the wordplay, a few couldn’t understand the exact meaning and intent of the poem and requested for translation.  One of the follower requested to also post a Hindi translation of the English verse.

Javed translates Farhan's poem into Hindi

The actors renowned father and lyric writer Javed Akhtar posted the Hindi version and fans loved the father-son affection on social media.

He tweeted saying, "Good morning Farhan . Some one has asked for the Hindi translation of your stanza . Here you are – Toofan mein jo nikle thay Vo log nidarr thay /patwaar toote, badbaan taar, bhanwar thay/ Sahil ki aur savere ki ummeed Na doobi / gehre andhere jab ke Bahut pichhle Peher thay."

Twitterati loved the conversation and bonding between the father-son duo and showered praises on them for the same.  They even set a hashtag with fathergoals.

One user wrote, "You should hashtag your quotes with a unique word . They are awesome. Can you please give a daily dose ?#Farhanism"

Another tweet read, "This is so cool ..and too cute :) Father son raabta over translation of nazm !"

One user praised Farhan for his choice of words and wrote, "Yes. I like Farhan’s sense of poetry and the way he chose his words."

Akhtar family is no joke when it comes to talent.  It is quite good to see them help each other.

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Jun 10 - 08:55 PM

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