Janhvi Kapoor Looks Super Happy After Her Gym Session In A Stunning Outfit

The gorgeous Kapoor, Janhvi was recently snapped by paparazzi after she was coming out of her gym. She was looking super happy and had a big smile on her face. The young star posed happily for paps even after her tough gym session. Janhvi was wearing a gorgeous purple spaghetti top and matching shorts. Though, the attention grabbing thing was her messy hair bun and a big smile.

Jhanvi was recently in news after Arjun Kapoor praised her sisters and he is happy to have them in his life. In an interview, he said, “Where my sisters are concerned, and the bond that all of you have been able to witness for the last year, and the evolution of it, I think it is still a continuous process on a daily basis. There is a discovery of each other and we are at a very nascent stage in that. When you are 32 and you have two new people enter your life, you also have to give it time.”

The actor went on to say, “You cannot just start believing that things are hunky-dory and absolutely normal. You have to discover each other and spend time with each other. We have been very lucky that we got time to spend, whether it was Janhvi or Khushi, and also we’ve had our own individual spaces. Because we are not living together, we are not in each other’s faces. This allows us to get to know each other at a steady pace. I am very happy that I have them in my life. I did it for my dad.”

We are happy that they are together and fought through the rough time after the death of mother, Sridevi.

by Lokendra Sharma | Mon, May 27 - 02:46 PM

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