Jacinda Ardern is a great political leader, mom, responsible partner and has great will power

Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand PM has already gained the praise as the youngest female leader in the globe. However, that's not all.

During the last month, the 37 year old Ardern delivered her first kid and turned out to be the second female in the globe to deliver kid while in power. The first woman that bagged the same title was Pakistan's late PM Benazir Bhutto.

The NZ PM has placed a great example for females not just in New Zealand; but, all over the globe.

She is a great political leader, a mom, a responsible partner in a relationship and a female with a great willpower. She is one of the most successful female heads in the globe.

After 2 days of her delivery, she introduced her infant to the globe. She is entitled to take maternity leave for 18 weeks but she made up her mind to join work only after a period of 6 weeks.


After a week of her baby girl, she made a declaration about a sweeping reform package through a Facebook live session, from her sofa, after breastfeeding the little angel.

The new package aims to augment the earnings of the families and the total number of paid leaves for the novel moms and dads.

The great political leader is definitely a role model for each and every female in the globe at the moment.

Jacinda is overpowering the globe - through maternity, politics, freedom, as well as her vigorous connection with her partner.

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Ardern is sharing a healthy connection with her partner, not her life partner - Clarke Gayford, a renowned TV and radio host.

She proposes to return to office whereas Gayford will don the role of a full-time parent for their daughter.

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Obviously, the web is also praising the fact that PM is a big example of relationship equality.

If you ever wish to see a true real-life role model when it comes to females, it doesn't get better than this great lady.

More power and greetings to the great and well-known personality that is also a Wonder Woman!

by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jul 10 - 02:11 PM

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