ISRO Making Efforts to Revive Vikram’s Connection with Chandrayaan-2 Lander

The entire nation is highly curious and tensed about the Chandrayaan-2 lander [Vikram]. ISRO finally made an official confirmation that they found the location of Vikram lander on Moon. But, they found that the lander had a crash landing on the moon. According to the pictures released by ISRO, we can find the image of the 4-legged probe from the precise location on the lunar surface. The Chairman of ISRO namely K. Sivan said, 'We've got the image of Vikram on the lunar surface from our orbiter. We are analyzing the data.'

Vikram was actually expected to land at about 1.53 am on 7th September. But, it got a deviation from the actual trajectory. They even lost the communication with the lander just about 3 minutes prior to the expected landing. Now, ISRO is trying to establish contact with Vikram lander after tracing it. Yes, we have located the lander on the lunar surface. It must have been a hard-landing, said Sivan. As Sivan was asked about the way it landed on the moon then he said, 'That we do not know.'

The Failure Analysis Committee [FAC] is all set to find out the actual reason behind the disorientation of Vikram. As Vikram went silent, ISRO mission control explored for links from NASA's deep space network center in Madrid and the Indian station in Mauritius. The Mission control made an announcement that 'No signal from Vikram, no links from Madrid or Mauritius.' One of the senior scientists said, 'We have enough data available to do the analysis.' 

ISRO confirmed that lander Vikram is integral in one piece. They are even trying to establish contact with the lander after it's crash landing on the lunar surface on Saturday. Without losing hope, ISRO endured their thorough attempts to set-up link with Chandrayaan-2's Vikram lander. After a hard landing, the lander is currently lying on the lunar surface. The ISRO official said, 'An Isro team is the on the job at ISROTelemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) in Bengaluru.'

One of the senior officials said, 'I will rate it (restoring link) as good'. The official further added, 'But there are limitations. We have experience of recovering spacecraft (which had lost contact) in geostationary orbit. But here (in the case of Vikram), that kind of operational flexibility is not there. Already it's lying on the surface of the Moon, and we cannot reorient it.'

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi said that the spirit of ISRO has clamped the nation. The Chandrayaan-2 mission now looks beyond success and failure. Modi said, 'On the night of September 7, 100 seconds after 1.50 am an incident awakened and united the entire country. Like (there is) a sportsman spirit, an ISRO spirit is running in the country. Countrymen are not ready to accept negativity.' Sivan said that they are making attempts to re-establish contact with the lost lander. The attempts will endure for the subsequent 2 weeks. 

by Neetu Panwar | Mon, Sep 09 - 11:29 AM

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