ISRO develops desi solar cells to power satellites in space, save crores

India has rolled out more than 180 different satellites from the time when its first satellite, Aryabhata I got introduced during the year 1975. One of the key elements of satellites is the onboard solar energy arrangement named space solar cells as it keeps the satellite active.

Thus far, the solar cell technology got obtained from the United States of America, and ISRO was completely reliant on their imports.

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ISRO Chairman K Sivan told media people, “Till now, we have been procuring space cells from US private companies for producing our satellite. Being a critical technology, imported cells costed us dearly.”

Well at the moment, ISRO has purchased the expertise for space solar cells from the United States of America to manufacture them, right here in the Indian zone.

Taking up the hard-working procedure is Bharat Electronics Ltd that will start fabrication of the space solar cells at the ISRO plant set up in the city of Bengaluru. The space solar cells will shortly get utilized in upcoming assignments build up by ISRO.

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K Sivan also told about the photovoltaic cells that get utilized in the satellite and stated, “For producing a small remote sensing satellite, 1,500 solar cells are needed. For a big satellite like GSAT, around 10,000 to 15,000 solar cells are imported. ISRO used around 20,000 solar cells for developing the country’s heaviest satellite– GSAT-11.”

He also discussed over the expenditure, “ISRO has to shell out Rs 15 crore for import of every 10,000 cells. If these cells are produced in the country, the cost will go down considerably.”

In addition, the import segment has been confronting quite a lot of constraints, and if it were to come to a halt, the nation’s satellite programmes would be in arrears. For that reason, an independent source for an essential technology would help the Indian Space Programme.

Building a native source for procurement of technology would not only decrease the expenditures for ISRO but also result in securing several jobs.

by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jul 24 - 04:09 PM

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