Inventions That India Made And Were Appreciated By The World

India is a land of talent and intelligent minds. Our country has offered a lot to this world since ages. Be it Mathematics, Science, Astrology etc, India had always been a step ahead of the western countries. However, it was the the period of 200 years under British rule that hampered the progress of the country and who took away several credits from our country.

On the occasion of 72nd Independence Day let's know about certain magnificent inventions that were done by Indians.

1- Yoga:

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Yoga has existed in India from over 5,000 years ago. And now, our current Prime Minister Narendra  Modi has given it a worldwide recognition after June 21 was announced International Yoga Day in United Nations General Assembly.

2- Martial Arts:

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Whenever we hear the name of Martial Arts, we always recall the name of Brice Lee. However, most of us don't know that Martial Arts was originated in India and then went to China and then to whole world.

3- Trigonometry:

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Remember your trigonometry lessons in school? The term trigonometry is derived from Sanskrit - Tri (Three), Kona (Angle), Miti (Parametre).

4- Zero:

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The base of whole maths- Zero was invented in India by Aryabhatta.

5- Pythagorean Theorem:

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Before the European Mathematicians, it was an Indian Mathematician Budhayana who calculated the value of pi. He had explained it in 6th century.

6- Navigation:

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Navigation is a daily part of smart phone users right now. Wherever we go, we are dependent on GPS. However, the art of navigation was created centuries ago near river Sindh. Moreover, the word Navigation is derived from Sanskrit word 'Navgatih'.

7- Chess:

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The intellectual indoor game Chess was also invented in India. Earlier it was known as 'Ahtapada'.

8- Snake And Ladder:

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You must have played this game in your childhood. This game was originally called 'Mokshapat' and was created in 13th century by poet saint Gyandev.

Feel proud to be Indian!



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