Another internet sensation, Mehroz Baig gained 5 million views on his dancing video in mall

A man named Mehroz Baig 21 years old from Karachi is ruling the internet as a video of his dancing in the middle of the mall. Nobody knows what this guy was thinking when he started moving his legs.

According to a leading daily, this young man was given a dare. But who knows that Mehroz would become an internet sensation just like Dancing Uncle. Dancing in the Karachi's Mall, his video has already gained 5 million views in just 72 hours and increasing every minute.

Mehroz Baig is a media science student and he loves to dance. Also has his own YouTube channel. Mehroz is gaining praises from his country, Pakistan. Seriously, Mehroz has the guts to dance like this and his confidence is a bang on his dancing.

Mehroz can be seen dancing on a Panjabi track 'Laung Laachi' and his performance caught attention after Mehroz shared a video of dancing his Facebook page on Sunday. Many users praised him and commented on his FB post.

Watch the video here:

"Gosh ur dance is so much amazing love ur expressions too hat off to you seriously mujhe aisa dare milta mein bagh jati ??" a Facebook user named Anum Jawad Riaz commented on Baig's video.

Another user named Jiya Rajpur from Pakistan fell in "love" with his "beautiful and artistic" dance moves. She wrote, "I am so in love with his moves So beautiful and artistic. Find him, I wanna dance with him".

So far, over 32,000 people have liked his Facebook post and almost 73,000 shared it.

Mehroz Baig said, "Dancing is something he loves to do, he says on his Facebook page, where he had posted videos of his dance performances. But dancing is not something he wishes to do professionally. He wants to pursue filmmaking, acting, radio or video jockeying for a career, he further adds.

by Soniya Kaur | Thu, Jul 12 - 12:06 PM

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