Internet Goes Crazy After Seeing Picture Of Virat Kohli With Vijay Mallya’s Lookalike

Team India had a great trip as it went up against Essex in a 3-day warm-up. A lot of runs, wickets, disappointments and in addition Bhangra was seen in the stadium as the Indian team tried out different parts of the diversion before going up against England in the 5-coordinate Test series from 1st August onwards. A photo from Essex, has left the internet puzzled where Virat Kohli is by all accounts all cheerful with a Vijay Mallya's doppelganger.

First when the picture was shared by the official Instagram of the Indian cricket team, fans went crazy seeing their favorite player Virat lying his hands on the shoulders of Mallya. But it was only after a while social media users realized that it was Vijay Mallya’s lookalike and isn’t the runaway businessman himself.

Take a look at the picture that was shared on social media here:

The reactions to the picture on social media were berserk as some couldn't make out that it wasn't Vijay Mallya posing with Virat Kohli but only a lookalike. Here's how some fans reacted to the picture on social media:

One of the Tweep was enraged seeing this pic and tweeted, “How Virat Kohli can meet Vijay Mallya when he is absconding from India? Kohli must be punished for this.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Indian cricket team’s official Instagram handle posted a picture of an unspecified person with Virat Kohli, leading online fraternity into a furore. Person in photograph bears an uncanny resemblance to India’s financial absconder Vijay Mallya, who is currently on the run.”

Another user tweeted, “For a minute I thought Virat Kohli had his hands on Vijay Mallya's shoulder.”

Mallya is currently staying in England and had recently received a setback from UK's Court of Appeal as the businessman was denied permission to appeal against a High Court order that allowed 13 Indian banks the right to recover their funds (about 1.15 billion pounds) that the businessman owes them. The businessman and the ace cricketer were frequently spotted together during the former's ownership of the IPL franchise - Royal Challengers Bangalore - that Kohli plays for.

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Jul 29 - 04:05 PM

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