International Dance Day: Sanya Malhotra expresses she wants to do a dance film with Hrithik Roshan

Dangal actress Sanya Malhotra: I want to see myself dancing on the big screen

Today, on International Dance Day, the beauty discussed the good things connected to dance and how it brought changes to her life.

For unacquainted, the actress’s passion for dance began at an early age. She was doing her schooling when she followed her mom’s best friend to a dance contest in the national capital.

Persuaded by her aunt, Sanya Malhotra took part in a show all of a sudden and left everybody captivated with her adaptation of Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast (Mohra; 1994).

“That day I knew I love dancing, more so because there was no stage fright at all. Then I became that kid who would dance at every family get together, parties or weddings. And mind you, I was famous too in those circles,” she said.

Shortly Sanya’s hobby became her obsession, and the girl made herself expert in diverse styles like ballet, freestyle and jazz.

On her to-do list is tap dancing and she also wishes to gain knowledge of a classical dance type.

She is an avid social media buff and keeps on sharing her dance videos on her personal handle.

For her followers, it’s impossible to miss her special dance video recordings and the type of reaction they bag from her buffs and coworkers alike.

A most recent video recording of her with rapper Naezy witnessed Hrithik Roshan commenting, “OUTSTANDING”.

Mention this to Sanya and she has no words to convey her pleasure.

When questioned if she wishes to work in a dance movie with Hrithik any time shortly?

“That would be a dream come true,” she said, adding, “Just the thought of it is giving me goosebumps. He is such a fabulous dancer. But before everything else, I want to do a dance film. Koi toh mujhse film mein dance karwao (Someone, please make me dance in a film). I want to see myself dancing on the big screen,”

Sanya, who had also choreographed her Dangal co-star Aamir Khan for his superhit flick, Secret Superstar (in the year 2017).

On whether she is making plans to post any special video recording for her buffs on the special time of International Dance Day, Sanya said that she is thinking of doing something big with Naezy and choreographer Shazeb Sheikh.

“Let me figure this out… It will be a surprise,” she keeps it at that.

A special message she wishes to give out to her buffs who wish to begin a profession in dancing, Sanya added up, “Dancing does make you happy. It has helped me deal with the hardships in my life. Not everyone is a good dancer but you just have to enjoy doing it. Dance as if no one is watching. You can be a part of a group or dance at home and even involve your family. Trust me, it’s fun. It’s a good exercise for your mind, body and soul. At times, I visit workshops and see even non-dancers having a good time. That’s the spirit. The happy hormones need to be generated.”

by Neetu Panwar | Mon, Apr 29 - 03:29 PM

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