Some Interesting Facts About PM Narendra Modi On His 68th Birthday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned 68 today. He is the 14th Prime Minister of India and considered as one of the most powerful leaders in the world. He is a self-made leader who came from no political background. His rags to riches life journey is an inspiration to masses. Let's know some interesting facts about PM Modi.

1- Modi left his Home at the age of 17:

During his teenage, Modi decided to leave his house and travel across the nation. During his journey, he learnt about various cultures and met new people. He also visited Himalayas and spent two years as Sanyasi.

2- He was a tea-seller:

Well, this fact is known by almost everyone. Even PM Modi has himself mentioned him several times during his speeches.

3- His first job was to mop the floor:

When Modi joined RSS, he was given the job to mop the floor at RSS Headquarters in Ahmedabad.

4- Modi is a follower of Swami Vivekanada:

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Modi is a follower of Swami Vivekanada. He has read several books of the iconic leader.

5- He is one of the most followed leader:

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PM Narendra Modi has 43.9 million followers on Twitter. US President Donald Trump has 52 million followers while former US President Barack Obama tops the list with 102 million followers.

6- He never took holiday:

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Modi served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 13 years. During his tenure, he didn't take a single holiday. Well, can you imagine. As a PM too, he is working tirelessly.

7- He puts his signature in Hindi:

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Modi is proud of Hindi language and his signature is a proof. He puts his signature in Hindi, be it on any casual occasion or on any official document.

8- First PM of India to be born in Independent India:

Narendra Modi is the first ever Prime Minister of India to be born in Independent India. He was born on 17 September 1950.

9- Lives alone in his official residence:

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Even while serving as the CM of Gujarat or as the Prime Minister Of India, he doesn't share his official residence with any of his family members, not even with his mother.

We wish him a very Happy Birthday!



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