Certain Things That Make Many Country’s Passports Stronger Than The Rest

Passport is one of the most important and confidential documents which many people have. It is very important to have this while you are traveling across the globe and one of the most trusted identity proves of being a citizen of a particular country.

Well, people just consider having a passport just because they have to travel across the countries for business purpose or just for holidaying. But there are some interesting facts about Passport which not many are aware. Be its color, it's importance or how powerful it is, the facts will leave you surprised.

So let's have a look some of the important facts related to the passport:

There is a list of the most powerful and least powerful passports in terms of gaining visa-free access to other countries. The United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland top the list with 173 countries granting them visa-free (or visa on arrival) access. The US comes in second along with Germany, Luxembourg, and Denmark with 172.

Talking about the color of passports, experts explain why passports only come in shades of red, blue, green, and black. Surprisingly, the color of your passport follows no strict system of country categorization—though that's not to say the colors are totally random, either.

Passport Index Vice President of Marketing Hrant Boghossian said, "Most passports in the world are based on blue and red primary colors."

Anthony Philbin of the International Civil Aviation Organization confirmed and said, "There’s nothing [that] stipulates the cover color."

So what can we infer about passport color? Boghossian says it’s a matter of national identity.

Red or burgundy passports are used by members of the European Union apart from Croatia. The Andean Community of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru also has burgundy passports. The Swiss passport, in effortless and famously Swiss-fashion, matches the color of their flag.

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Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela, known as Mercosur, all use blue passports.

The United States of America’s passport, however, only became navy blue in 1976 to match the shade found in the American Flag.

Boghossian told Travel + Leisure, "We believe the first travel documents in the U.S. were red."

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Boghossian shared with Business Insider stated, "Most Islamic states use green passports because of the importance of the colour in their religion."

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Some variations of green are also used by members of ECOWAS—Economic Community of West African States—including Niger and Senegal.

Republic of Botswana, Zambia, and New Zealand—though for the latter, black is also considered one of the country’s national colors and hence they use black color for their passport.

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So, folks, I hope you got some unknown information about the passport today. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in comments.





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