Interesting : Chennai launches its first ‘Tree Ambulance’ that will give first aid to trees.

A unique and very appreciable concept we came across in Chennai, was a vehicle which will give first aid to not humans ‘but plants’.The environmentalist of Chennai Dr Abdul Ghani, known as the 'Green Man of India', has propelled a tree ambulance service to give medical aid to trees. Tree Ambulance intends to convey a positive message that it’s high time we should save the trees.

Tree emergency vehicle is to spare trees via care for the sick ones and help take evacuated ones back to their feet.

Since the contamination levels far and wide are at a record-breaking high, and the green spaces are rapidly missing out to industrialisation and business spaces, it is basic that trees should be grown which should be encouraged and protected.

Ghani said he intends to grow this moment on a national scale by 2020.

Ghani disclosed to ANI that the Ambulance will begin its movement on June 5 crosswise over Tamil Nadu and around the nation to achieve New Delhi in two months. It will likewise stop at schools and universities, and instruct understudies on the green spread.

Tamil Nadu had been affected by several natural calamities  like violent wind Vardah in 2016 and typhoon Gaja in 2018, evacuating lakhs of trees. Tree Ambulance means to help re-establish the green belt and deal with existing trees.

Medical aid treatment, seed bank, moving trees, overview of trees, tree sapling distribution are among the works offered by Tree Ambulance.

An ongoing report by NASA said India and China are fundamentally adding to making the planet greener.

However, protection endeavors are the need of great importance, taking into account that India is continually losing its green belt of trees to quick industrialization and commercialization.


Every individual should take part in making our Mother Earth greener again..


by Lokendra Sharma | Fri, Jun 07 - 12:48 PM

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