Twins in UP succumbed to the COVID-19 hours apart

Earlier this week, Joefred and Ralphred Gregory tested negative for the COVID-19 after a long battle. Their parents Gregory Raymond Raphael and Soja, both teachers at St. Thomas School in Meerut rejoiced the report and were hopeful that the normalcy will return in their family. Little did they know the happiness would be devastated in less than 72 hours.

On May 13, Joefred Varghese Gregory passed away due to the post-covid complications. With teary eyes and  heavy heart, his parents decided to hide the news from his twin brother Ralphred who was also on death bed with a hope that he might recover. Unfortunately, hours later, Ralphred breathed his last in the same hospital.

Born three minutes apart, the two brother were hardworking and loved their family. The two pursued B.Tech together from Karunya University in Coimbatore and got placement in different cities. Joefred had been working from home in Meerut while Ralphred had come on leave from Hyderabad office due to an arm injury.

The twins developed fever on April 23 which lasted several days. They took medication but in vain. Around May 1, both were admitted to Anand Hospital after their oxygen saturation levels began dipping. Both were put in ventilator support in ICU. "They were fit, well built and 6 ft. in height. The hospital tried our level best," says Dr. Munesh Pundit, the administrator who didn't expect the twins bond will succumb to the disease together,

Raphael accepts that, "My faith in almighty has been shaken. My sons were pure and they didn't deserve this. My eldest son now keeps telling my wife and I that we cannot leave him. We are totally broken.:

He adds that, "I had a sixth sense that after Joefred's death Ralphred would not make it mainly because they were inseparable."

May the souls of the two brother rest in peace, together.

by Tapasya Iyer | Tue, May 18 - 01:43 PM

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