India’s First Crematorium Center Have ‘Moksha Airlines’ And ‘Swarg Airlines’ Which Takes You Straight To Heaven

All our life we want to see the heaven and its beauty that we have heard so many times in Indian mythology. But, what if this dream can come true?

There is a flight that you take to travel heaven but the only condition is that your soul has to abandon the body. Antim Udan Moksha Airport, the crematorium centre in Bardoli has been designed in such a way that it could fulfil the desire to see the heaven.

Antim Udan Moksha Airport has 2 huge models of 40-feet aeroplanes which have been named as ‘Moksha Airlines’ and ‘Swarg Airlines’.

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The trustees of this crematorium centre want something good where people cannot feel grieve after the demise of their loved one. This is built on the bank of Mindola River, Gujarat which can use by 40 villages in the region.

According to the managing trustee Somabhai Patel, who explains this unique concept said: “When I was about 10, a death took place in our family. The elders cajoled and consoled me by saying that the departed soul had boarded a plane to heaven. The incident got imprinted on my mind. To give same consolation to the people who use the service of the crematorium, we decided to construct it on the airport theme with two huge aircraft replicas. The planes have been set up in takeoff position to make it more attractive for visitors.”

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Talking about the features he said, "It has been designed in such a way that when the funeral procession starts, an announcement related to ones made in the airport is made to guide them to ‘gate’ (electric or traditional pyre) they should enter for peace of departed soul."

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“For past 5 years, I am fully into public service. I have shut my business and given my shop on rent now,” says Somabhai.

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