Video: Tea vendors at Railway station, filling tea kettles with water from toilets

Chai lovers, there is something for you and those who don't like Chai or Tea can have fun reading this.

Over a half of population's drinks tea and in Indians everytime is good enough to have a cup of tea. Right? And if you are travelling by train, having a cup of tea is not a big deal.

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Recently, a video has gone viral where railway employees are seen filling their tea kettles with water from toilets in the train.

This is just disgusting. Have a look:

People start craving for Tea or Chai, after entering railway stations and this video has highly hurt the sentiments of the people who have been relying on Indian railway tea since years.

The video has gone viral on the different social media platforms and the only question that's arising in people's minds is, "Do they use it for soup, coffee, and other food items as well? The answer to this question is a YES! There are high chances of the same."

Twitter user Punit Tyagi left all of us in shock and disgust when he shared the video on social media. Tea which is served to many people is made from the unhygienic place's water.

Here's how Twitterati's are reacting to this video:

Well, after this video people are raising questions against Indian railways. However, there is no answer from the railway's department on this video.

by Soniya Kaur | Thu, May 03 - 02:06 PM

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