Indian Railways Install Plastic Bottle Crushers And Offers Rs 5 Cashback

Our country is fighting real hard to curb the problem of increasing plastic waste. Maharastra Government has banned the use of plastic and urged the people to use other alternatives. Though several people raised objections to the ban, they can't deny the fact that we have reached an alarming situation. At least not after the ocean threw back tonnes of plastic back to the shores after heavy tides in Mumbai.

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Uttar Pradesh Government too is taking steps to deal with the problem of plastic use. Amidst all this, Our Indian Railways is doing a commendable job, and it requires our attention and praises. Four Railway stations (Kachiguda, Secunderabad, Nizamabad and Vijayawada) have been installed with Plastic Bottle Crushers with an aim to recycle plastic waste.

Indian Railways is working to install such machines at 2,000 railway stations. The machines will be installed at exit points and on platforms so that people don't find difficult while locating such machines.

A senior railway officer told IANS, "At a time when plastics in general, and plastic bottles in particular, are being widely recognised as being extremely harmful for the environment, we are undertaking concrete steps to raise awareness to battle the plastic menace."

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At Vadodara Station, if you dispose a water bottle into this crusher, you get a cashback of Rs 5 in your e-wallet. The step has been taken to discourage people from littering water bottles at stations.

According to a report in 2009 by the Comptroller and Auditor General, approximately 6,289 tonnes of plastic waste is discarded onto India's railway tracks.

We appreciate this step taken by Indian Railways and we urge people to minimise the usage of plastic. We often criticise our government for not taking the right steps, and now when the government is working towards the betterment, we should also be a part of it to do our bit.


by Admin | Thu, Jul 19 - 06:52 PM

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